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Clinker's Feedback

Alice, AliceClaireBear and Dave get their bedtime story

Thank you - your comments are appreciated

Just read your book again! It is magic, love the size, so sensible.  Sue is regretting she is not teaching so she could use it in school.  What a brilliant idea making the pictures full page size - never seen a book like it, so alive  !

Cecilia Wadey. Grantham Lincs.

I received my copy of 'clinker' in the post today - and am delighted, what a work of art.
Moray Davidson
Where did you find this book!  LOL!  AMAZING!  I can not believe how  incredible the illustrations are!  The author must have Airedales and  have done nothing but draw them for centuries.  We laughed every page  until the end and then read it again.  Clinker should have been named Chester--it looks so much like him!  Thank you for sending it--we  love it!
Mara (and Ted and Chester!)
Brittany and I have just finished reading the story of Clinker. What a good story, and delightful illustrations. We especially laughed at two pages, the first was when Clinker splashed the red sauce all over the waitress, then the next page had a picture of Clinker with his hand over his mouth, and an "oops" was the only word on the page, so cute. The second was all the illustrations of Clinker trying his hardest to not have  a body part on a crack in the pavement, as in the little kids song, "step on a crack....." they were truly hilarious, and we "howled" over them.
Thanks  we love it

 Krista and Brittany   Canada

 It is such a delightful book, and your illustrations are absolutely wonderful - you must be delighted to see it in print.  Every time we look, we see some other detail we hadn't noticed before - we are going to have so much enjoyment from it - thank you very much. I have read it lots of times and each time I see new details in the illustrations, and it never fails to make me smile.
I especially love the first few pages.

Elaine, Gavin & Digger Walkinshaw. Marlborough, Wiltshire

Just a note to say I have received my poster and book. I am delighted with both and I am sure my seven year old son will be too when he unwraps the gifts on Christmas Day. I think I had better wrap "Clinker" up quite soon as it's going to get quite "dog eared" (excuse the pun), as both my husband and I have read it now with joy and laughter. Only an Airedale owner could create such a book, congratulations.

Rebecca Morcom. Gorslas. Carmarthenshire.

I have just received my book Clinker The Coalman's Dog. Thank you for sending it so quickly.   It is a beautiful book and you must be very proud of it and I just love it.

Shirley Gates. Herts.

I can't tell you how well I think it turned out!  I just love it.  I like the paper and the cover and of course the illustrations are to die for.  It came while I was home for lunch earlier today and I took it back to work with me.  Did you hear all the oooooooooohing and aaaaaaaaaaaahing? People are really in awe.                             

Joey Warren. WA. USA

Mum read the book to Nell yesterday and Nell was looking at mum with her head on one side and then the other...  I think Clinker is now Nell's hero...  he is certainly mums! LOL. They are wonderful books Annie and I wish you a runaway success with the sales.                                                                                

Janet Smith. Kidderminster

Hi Annie, Just wanted to let you know that we think the book is wonderful, you must have put so much work and love into producing it. It is a truly lovely book.

Chris Keay. Jaymitch Airedales

Clinker arrived today and it is just such a beautiful and wonderful book. Sidney knows the sounds a cat, dog and horse make so she really enjoyed the story and helped me read it.  The art work is so beautiful I feel like I own an Ann Curran gallery every time I open the book.  You are so talented!!!! Thank you so much for sharing Clinker with us.

Stephanie MacNeil. Ontario. Canada

Ann it is wonderful. Loved the story and all the illustrations. I Can't  wait to share it with my younger friends. This book will be well read.

 Barbara Durance. Ontario. Canada

Clinker has arrived in Seattle.  What an absolutely super wonderful book! The art work throughout the book is spectacular, everything looks so "real life" like.  Love the story and will read it many more times in the days ahead.  Congratulations on a job well done!

lydia, alice and dave(I'm a Ragtail!) Seattle US

I was hugely cheered by the book which arrived this morning. It's absolutely delightful and deserves to sell zillions. The drawings are fabulous and even though I knew the story it still brought tears to my eyes when Counter saved the day. Well done!                                                                                      

Monica Dixon.  Hampshire.  

Ann, it is too beautiful for words. A great story and the illustrations are a joy. Thank you for doing this work; thank you for sharing it with the rest of the world.  

Libby Karier. Chicago. USA

Dear Ann, Many thanks for the 3 “Clinker books” – all have now arrived.  Showed it to Julie from Therapaws, who couldn’t put it down! She said that the fact that you know the breed so well comes over in the expressions on Clinker’s faces.  We were also impressed with Counter and Colta.   What it is to be gifted…!!!! We think there is a strong resemblance between Clinker and my Denzell, but then one would!!! Some ATTCR members have also ordered the book, I will see them on Thursday and expect that they will be in raptures too! Thanks again for giving us so many lovely pictures of our breed.                                                           

Karin (Schnichels) Hampshire.

I am in love with this book - the story and the illustrations!  Ann, you capture the true Airedale character and antics with your drawings and the story.  Just absolutely beautiful beyond words.  It truly touches the deepest part of our Airedale hearts! A book to be cherished forever.

Kat McMain. Louisville. USA

Oh my YES, What an amazing book.  I got my copy and its absolutely lovely.  This is my BEST favorite holiday present to myself.  Clinker will have a cherished spot among my special books forever.  Ann, your talent(s) is beyond wonderful! 

Rita Ferrer. Kalamazoo. USA

I just wanted you to know your wonderful book arrived yesterday and I love it!  The story is fun and the art work is fabulous.  It is sitting on a table for review everyday, and out of the way of someone that might like to personalize it with teeth! Thank you for getting it here so quickly.

Joanne Austin. California. USA

The beautiful book arrived today!  What great illustrations and cute story.  Don't know if I told you but my husband is President of a coal company and I own 3 Airedales so thought this would be an appropriate (and funny) gift!  Thanks so much!!!!
Marilyn Shepard. USA
Your book is delightful!  Lynne is bowled over by the illustrations. I must admit I haven't read a single word yet, so what does that say about me.
I grew up with a genuinely talented person
Steve Murray. Wimbledon
 Your book is wonderful.  It reminds me of story books I had when I was a kid, but with each illustration being a work of art. 
Jan.  Arctic Aire Alaska Airedale Rescue
What a lovely book, it's wonderful, I love it!!  I think my niece & nephew will love it too!  My favourite picture is Clinker launching himself at the bed whilst his owner is still asleep - that one made me laugh out loud!!  I can see the illustrations are done by someone familiar with the ways of the ADT!  I hope you sell loads of copies of it, I think you could probably sell as many for adults as children, as the illustrations are so wonderful!
Odette Stevens. Staffordshire
Thanks very much - I received the items yesterday - they are gorgeous, especially the books. There are several pictures in there with Airedale expressions that look just like our champion Airedale Jock Scott (nicknamed Trafford, as ex-pat Brits had to pick something to remind us of UK!). Best wishes,
Stephanie Wells. NJ. USA
Hi Annie!  The book is FABULOUS!!!  Well worth the wait.  The colors are so vivid, and the story is just precious...you've done yourself proud!!
Lisa Bopp. USA
Just got my copy of Clinker in the mail and sat down to read it after a very frustrating morning with builders, the water company and parcelforce . . .you probably get the picture :-)   So it was wonderful to relax and laugh with Clinker.  It's absolutely fantastic - I shall enjoy reading it with and to my grandchildren when I get back to
Australia.   And one very important question:
Are you going to write any more Clinker stories?   Please do - I feel like Oliver Twist  - "may I have some more?"  Thank you so much
Elizabeth Hurtt. London - Australia
Annie Superwoman
 CONGRATULATIONS......Clinker  truly is a work of art.  Absolutely wonderful!  What a fabulous story and your drawings are just incredible. Your models are to be congratulated.  Well done ....on all your hard work you are so so clever and talented.
 Karen , Alan and the thuglets - Ellie , Webster,  Dorcus, Holly and Cora (I'm a Ragtail)!
What a lovely book I have no children but it will be lying on my coffee table for everyone else to read. I especially like the bit about the paper in the morning you know Poppy does that every day
Ethel Jessett
Clinker is a beautiful story - enjoyed every page - Loved the illustrations and storyline.
Barbara & Douglas Haw. Glasgow

They love the pictures! One Airedale lover who has had Airedales since she was 3 years said that she can see all her Airedales, they are absolutely fabulous. And she has got a horse too, and says that it’s exactly how her horse and Airedales communicate. (Naturally the horse is different, but even the same).Laura Maanpaa. Copperbeard Airedales. Finland

Your wonderful book arrived,  Molly enjoyed the wrapping as you can see by your handwriting.  The drawings are absolutely adorable. Looking at them, transforms me back to my childhood. Will take my time tomorrow to read and look at all the pictures,  I see the Dales on wheels in a few of the pages.Thanks for enchanting us Dale lovers (and others) with such a great story and drawings. Loves to all your black nosed kids and please continue with your whimsical sense of imagination, drawing and writing,  
Heidi & Molly Bjorgen. Allyn. USA
My grandchildren were over yesterday, I made them wash their hands and dry them, then sat them down on the
couch with "Clinker"...Liam, the 8 yr old read the entire book to his little sister, they loved it, and they thought it was terrific that there is a book about a dog like Ruffian....Thank you for the lovely addition to my Airedale world...

Ruff & Rosey. USA

We received your wonderful book just after Christmas and are delighted with it.  You are a very talented lady and artist. You certainly know your Airedales. I think most of the prints of Clinker could equally apply to our ADT, Cheyanne. The part where Mr Elston is awakened at 7.0am by Clinker was “right on the money”

only in my case, fortunately, it’s 8.0am!! Best wishes in your future endeavours. 

Mal Astles

As an avid Airedaler and person who has seen your work in many homes, have some myself and have observed your generosity in donating to various clubs and their event just wanted to take a minute to pass on my best wishes.
 I do admire you not only for your talent but your generosity.
 I loved Clinker and will value it as highly as any of my collection. It seems more powerful because of your obvious family connection. My grandson loves me reading it while surrounded by Airedales.
 I know you are much loved and appreciated and congratulate you on your wonderful work.
 Keith Lovell. Australia
Hi Ann,
I have received the book. I was overwhelmingly pleased and
excited about the book. I didn't realize until I opened the package and saw the cover, opened the cover and saw the artwork (and read the story) exactly what I was in for. It is beyond belief. You have captured the Airedale spirit, attitude and antics perfectly.

I am embarrassed to say, that I did not connect your "author" name with my "Terriers in School" print that is a prized possession. I went to the mat to outbid other bidders at our Airedale Terrier Rescue and Adoption Fall Fundraiser. It playfully adorns my guest bathroom wall for all to see.

The book is especially dear to my heart as 1. I am an Airedale owner and lover, and 2. I am from the state of Missouri home to the original Budweiser Brewery and the St. Louis Cardinal baseball team. Both of which, have the beautiful Clyesdale horses as their mascot, using them in all of their advertisements and ceremonies.

I am in the process of ordering 3 more copies if they are available. As I plan, to keep this copy wrapped safely away, I want a copy for me to read and touch daily, a copy to donate to our Midwestern Airedale Rescue Group (ATRA) for fundraising, and the other to our local Budweiser distributor, who also raises the beautiful Clyesdale horses at his farm.

Thank you so much, for sharing your beautiful artwork!
Linda Eccher
Missouri, USA