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Home of The Ragtail Airedale Terriers


Teddy bears





Toffyking is an extra large bear made from mohair fabric with quality glass black eyes. He is nut and bolt jointed and he has a jointed tail too!  He wears a  brown leather collar . He measures 25 inches sitting down and is 36 inches to the top of his head when standing. He is a musical bear. Pull string and I think the tune is parade of the toy soldiers.  I will add his weight soon but I think he is around 7 kilo.  His paw pads are cut from a WW11  thick wool, British Army great coat . He has his claw stitching to all paws and hand sewn nose.  Toffyking is the only one of his kind.










Sitting Dog


This little person is made from hand dyed mohair with dyed accents.

The neck, tail and back legs are jointed.

 He/She has glass eyes, magnets in ears so that sit where they should and a hand sewn, waxed nose. 

Stuffed with uncarded cotton the weight is between 3 and 4 kilo and the height is 21 inches.

I haven't given He/She a name as I thought if someone would like to adopt they might like to pick that themselves.

 He or She will come with his/her own passport and has a growler inside.


















Poppy is made from hand dyed mohair and has nut and bolt joints in arms, legs and head.

 She has glass eyes and a growler and is cotton stuffed.

 Poppy loves red things and anyone who adopts her needs to be aware that red things may get moved or played with from time to time.

She is approx 23inches ( 16 when sitting )
















Sitting Dog



Made from Golden Wheat 20mm sparse Traditional Mohair

with cotton fill stuffing and growler.

 The head, back legs and tail are nut and bolt jointed. Glass eyes.

Collector item, not suitable for children due to glass eyes.

19 inches tall.













Eadie weighs over 2 kilo





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